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The WanderCurtis Wine Challenge


‘You two gents are very funny, entertaining and informative. Perfection! A brilliant night!’

Over the years Kiran & Adam have devised and compèred many successful fund raising wine quizzes and of course delivered numerous wine tastings. So when we started hosting corporate events we soon hit upon the idea of combining the two formats to create the WanderCurtis Wine Challenge a unique tutored tasting with a competitive twist.‘

photo 4

The event throws guests together into a number of competing teams to test their taste buds, general knowledge and creative skills in a series of participative challenges.


Over the course of the evening we weave in some tutored wine tasting, an interactive section where guests experience the dos and don’ts of food & wine pairing for themselves, discover the super tasters in the audience and take a light hearted look at how people talk about wine.

IMG_2900First & foremost our aim is make sure guests have an enjoyable and entertaining evening whether they are wine experts or novices. We share not just our love of wine but also some great wines including a few mature beauties often from our own cellars.

‘The WanderCurtis wine event had a big variety of challenges. It was a very good balance of commentary and interaction with informative slides and a plentiful supply of wines! Very enjoyable!’

Further testimonials for the WCWC:

‘I lovIMG_2901ed the evening, loved the wines, it was so well presented and engaging, I learned a lot and had fun.

‘The quality of wine was outstanding .Trying to match the wine to a description on the board meant I could really identify all the flavours in the wine better. Thanks for a great evening.’

‘The educational aspect combined with fun made the night special. The basil leaf, food and wine pairings, the difference lemon and biscuit makes to tastes of the wine. It was really great thank you.’

‘I enjoyed the quiz, the experimental education I learnt so much enjoyed the wines, the wine region questions and writing the wine review. It was fun, perfect!’


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Champagne Challenge at one of our Taittinger dinners

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