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The Northern Rhone wines of Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné May 23rd

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View of La Chapelle  image courtesy of Maison Jaboulet

View of La Chapelle
image courtesy of Maison Jaboulet

The steep terraced vineyards of the Northern Rhone valley, which are tantalisingly visible from the summer traffic jams on the autoroute du soleil on the other side of the mighty Rhone river, are arguably the true home of Syrah.

The reds here are mostly 100% Syrah but wonderful perfumed whites are also produced from 100% Viognier and blends of Marsanne and Roussanne.

The long lived dark red wines of the region’s most famous appellation Hermitage were in Thomas Jefferson’s time as expensive and famous as the first growths of Bordeaux and the top wines of the region continue to be amongst the finest wines in the world.

We were therefore fantastically lucky to have one of the oldest and most revered wine makers: Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné present a selection of their best wines including the legendary Hermitage La Chapelle Rouge 2001 and 1991

The lovely Marie Cordonnier of Domaines Jaboulet  guided us through wines from drinking vintages of the main appelations including:

  • Les Grands Amandiers – Condrieu (Viognier)
  • Hermitage Blanc Le Chevalier de Sterimberg (Marsanne / Roussanne)
  • St Jospeh Le Grand Pompee (syrah)
  • Crozes-Hermitage Rouge Domaine de Thalabert.
  • Hermitage La Petite Chapelle
  • Hermitage La Chapelle

We were delighted to have Marcel Orford Williams as a guest .He not only entertained and educated us with his wealth of knowledge and personal stories but also

generously brought two bottles of Hermitage La Chapelle 1991 . For the full write up and tasting notes see above

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