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Hooked on Hooky !

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WanderCurtis wines are predominantly concerned with the produce of Vitis Vinifera.

However when presented  by other exceptional olfactory and gustatory stimulants we are happy to spread our wings .


Being fans of fine ales we travelled to the award winning Hook Norton Brewery.  The iconic Victorian Tower Brewery dating back to the 1850s sits amongst the mellow rolling Cotswold Hills.


It is one of only 32 family owned breweries . If you are lucky enough to be in the village on Fridays you’ll see two wonderful shire horses delivering to the local pubs.

We recommend a trip to the Pear Tree Inn a mere stones throw from the Brewery . Ask them for the taster tray . For the best tasting experience and at  a modest price try all 6 real ales in 1/3 pint glasses.


Hooky -golden bitter ,hoppy on the nose with lovely malty balanced  palate

Lion – Complex with a bitter sweet finish

Old Hooky – Darker fuller bodied with a malty overtone

Hooky Mild -dark chestnut coloured , but not quite providing the body or balance at 2.8%abv

Hooky Gold – more floral aromatic and hoppy , a firm favourite on the night.

They also produce a range of seasonal cask ales designed to reflect the changing seasons.

The sixth beer covered by a photo of Euro 2016 was elegant intensely floral and aromatic with a fine hoppy balance .

For fans of the finest real ales we recommend a homage to Hook Norton.


 Tasting Range


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