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Adam wins this year’s Wine Australia’s Tasting Blind Club 2015-16

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For as long as I can remember whenever Adam & I get together outside work we’ve always served wine blind to each other.   Tasting blind forces you to really focus on the wine and sharpens your appreciation of it.  But most of all blind tasting is a great leveller: the wine’s pedigree, whether humble or aristocratic, is left by the door, the whisper of critics is silent, and one is blissfully ignorant the size of the hole, large or small, it would make in your bank account.  It’s also fun to try and work out what the wine is!

So I’m particularly delighted to announce that Adam’s great tasting skills have been recognised as Winner of this year’s Wine Australia’s Tasting Blind Club.


The monthly Tasting Blind Club presents 20 wines (19 Australian with one imposter) arranged in flights by theme and served blind.  Participants from the wine trade include sommeliers, educators & wine students. The challenge is to answer a list of questions identifying the wines’ features & the year’s best taster wins a place on a trade visit to Australia’s wine regions.

Look out for Adam’s blog on the trip this autumn.

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