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Tastings in January and February

We have had a run of fine tastings, including the Bordeaux Index en-primeur burgundy, New Zealand annual trade fair, a Portuguese trade tasting at Lords and today, the Enotria annual event.

A highlight was definitely the ben Glaetzer Amon -ra. In fact, the whole range were magnificent, also Henschke wines and Trimbach gewurtztraminer. Not overwhelmed by the Italian selection, but met Fontanafredda and others in preparation for the Barolo trip coming up and have arranged some Sunday tasting. Also a pleasure to bump into the great Robin of Swig.

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Bodegas Vizcarra with the Swig, Bordeaux Index and Enotria wines

We took the fine quintuplet of Juan Carlos’ wines to these wine importers. Starting off at the Swig boys in Chiswick surrounded by countless wine samples! The boys were impressed but some concerns on pricing.

Followed by a lunchtime meeting in Hatton Garden with the very impressive Bordeaux Index. The head buyer turned out to be a ‘brummy’ friend of the Curtis family. Again, great interest in these wines and the possibility of some business after summer.

Lastly an evening tasting with Michael Israel from Enotria wines, which were sampled the following day by the buyers.

A very tough day was suitably rewarded with beef onglet, sauce Bordelaise at Comptoir Gascon in Smithfields!